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Consulting Services: Service 13

Assistance with Buying or Selling an Existing Coffee Business


If your are either looking to get out of the coffee business and want to sell your operation, or want to get in by buying an existing business, you'll want to maximize your value in the deal. Over the past 15 years I've "worn both hats". I've helped owners maximize the value of their business for selling, and helped others obtain a good value upon their purchase, by not paying for "blue sky"!

One can't help but be influenced by their emotions when it comes to buying or selling a business. I will guide you through the process by helping you evaluate the business's true value, recognize fair offers, and identify serious, qualified buyers or sellers. I will also warn you about things to watch out for, things you should never say or do, and conditions you should never accept. I can coach you through the negotiation process, with your best financial interest as my only priority!

* $500. minimum; 4 hours of phone & E-mail support (counseling, document examination, financial calculations, etc.), if additional hours of service are desired after the first 5 have been used, they can be purchased at $100. per hour.

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