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Opening Small Wares Order


Beyond your espresso machine, coffee brewer, pastry case, and all the other major equipment you purchased, an extensive variety of additional items will be necessary before you will be able to prepare beverages, food, and serve customers. From espresso tampers and steaming pitchers, to mops, brooms, and trash cans, these tools are known as small wares.

If all of your needed small wares are not purchased and on hand prior to your store opening, then your customer’s satisfaction and employee's confidence can be seriously compromised. You as well as your customers will expect your employees to perform like professionals! Make sure they have all the tools necessary for them to fulfill that expectation!

A custom small wares list will be prepared for your unique operation, and will include all tools necessary for beverage and food preparation, food storage, and general equipment and store maintenance. Contact information for competitive sources of all suggested items are provided, along with product model numbers, and approximate current price.

(the small wares list is typically 7 to 15 pages)

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